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Covid-19 and SEO: How To Build, Adapt, And Grow Your Marketing

Right now, the COVID-19 outbreak is changing the way we live and work, and this will continue through early post-COVID-19. People are worried about their jobs, their health, and how they will readjust to post coronavirus life. However, that doesn’t mean they are not online, by no means are they offline.

Many businesses have been affected are looking for ways to innovate or pivot to be relevant and still be in the face of potential customers. Airbnb and Facebook are notable ones. As a business owner, you can twerk your content so that your brand continues to show up in their search engine results and be relevant.

If there’s a branding tool that has stayed relevant over the years, it’s SEO. But you have to know how to use SEO to your advantage for every situation. Here are ways to keep being in the minds of your customers and ranking for keywords they need at this time:

1. Share Covid-19 Related Information

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You can take improve and sustain customer engagement by taking it upon yourself to use content marketing to share safety measures with your audience, messages of hope, tips on how people can stay at home and still be productive, fun games and maybe come up with daily or weekly challenges and join some of them.

The main thing is being in the minds of your customers, even know your services/products aren’t needed right now. They’ll remember you for it. Ensure that you aren’t sharing information not approved by the WHO.

2. High Demand in SEO Analytics Insights

You can easily predict the demand curve for your products or service by using SEO analytics. Your SEO analytics will give vital information like this, which can help you plan for a possible slump in business.

During Covid-19, we’ve seen people need to take a drastic change, and this is due to many factors, some of which are available cash at their disposal, priorities, and lots. For instance, in the earlier days, many people were traveling, booking flights, and a stay through Airbnb, but now, that has fallen drastically since it’s a luxury, especially now that there are more pressing needs.

If you’re following up on your SEO analytics, you’ll be able to know how fast people are losing interest in your products or services. Then you can start planning your next move.

3. Gives Businesses Lifeline

For many businesses working from home, it certainly means that with customers no longer coming to offices and everyone protecting their savings, sales may be way below what it used to be. This tip is especially for B2B. Find a way to give your potential customers an easier way to get your service be it through a reduced price or for free.

As I have mentioned earlier, people are online more, so it’s an excellent time to focus on running your business online. Right now, you can get that 10x attention by putting lots of energy into your SEO and social media Strategies.

If you don’t know anything about SEO, no worries, check out our SEO guide. Also, in the coming week, we would be launching a platform to provide courses that include SEO; you can sign up now for a 50% prelaunch discount.

4. Mentions Help Too

SEO isn’t only about link building and optimizing keywords; it’s also about brand mentions. You can increase your brand mentions by putting more effort into your email marketing and linking that to social media.

People have more time to read and respond to emails, upgrade your email marketing strategy. This, when linked with your social media and SEO strategy, will boost your SEO and help you navigate the post-coronavirus business world.

5. New Trends Are Revealed

During and post COVID-19, there’ll be a lot of changes and opportunities. Learn from them. These changes may cause Lots of people to rediscover and reinvent themselves. Their interest in certain things will change permanently

Trends are changing, and so are customer interests. Zoom and video calling applications are selling like crazy right now. It’s time to think of business ideas that people need, be it something in education, business, housing, dating, etc.

Great ideas that you bring up now and market are likely to become popular because people will talk about it. Optimize your website for it, and you can be sure that even after the pandemic, it will remain useful to the lives of everyone.

6. Capitalize On Paid Search

This isn’t SEO but more on digital marketing. At this time, research has shown that doing ads (a white hat way to get paid search traffic) on Google is cheaper than it used to be.

So, if you have been able to come up with a product or service that is in demand at the time or you want to build awareness for your new game or whatever you choose from point one, consider paid ads on search engines. This will help you to show up on search engine result pages if doing much of organic search optimization is a lot at this time.

Ps. Regardless of what you choose – PPC or SEO, we have got you covered. Our courses are in-depth yet broken down to ensure that both newbies and people with little experience can understand and start SEO and PPC right away.


Right now, there are no certainties as to when the lockdowns around the world will end. Our lives, job, businesses, and even relationships are on hold. However, we must not give up hope in the face of this pandemic; we must live on.

When this is all over, we will surely rebuild our lives, business, economy, and relationships. You have to think about how you can use SEO to keep your brand alive and afloat pending when that happens. Take from these insights, ideas, and tips to build, grow, and adapt your SEO, advertising, and marketing efforts.

Remember to practice the safety measures given by medical professionals which are. Wash your hands often, avoid touching your face, and practice social distancing. Stay safe.

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