Instagram and Facebook Ads Agency in Nigeria That Provides Great Results

Looking for a Facebook Ads Agency in Nigeria? Look no further! We are the experts when it comes to Facebook Ads and can help you get the most out of your advertising budget.

Our Instagram and Facebook Ads Services

Facebook Ads Management

  • Target audience research & buyer persona
  • Creative ad set-up
  • Facebook ad optimisation
  • Facebook Ads Reporting

Facebook Ads Testing

  • For those having issues & want a quick fix
  • Testing Ads
  • Fixing ad issues
  • Quick optimisation

Facebook Ads optimization

  • A/B test ad
  • Review current set-up
  • Find optimisation opportunities
  • Optimise for better results

Have You Been Spending on Facebook or Instagram Ads Without Results?

Running ads on Facebook or Instagram may seem easy, but many people do it without results, just spending loads of money without conversion.

At the same time, there are several others making a lot of sales and getting results from the right implementation of Facebook and/or Instagram advertising without ta high cost.

If you’ve been running Facebook or Instagram Ads without seeing results, it’s time to call in the digital marketing experts. We can help you create an effective digital Ads campaign that will get you results and growth.

We have a team of experienced Facebook Ads specialists who will work with you to create an effective campaign that meets your objectives. We also offer a free consultation to discuss your marketing needs and how we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today for impactful Facebook Ads management.

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What To Expect With Our Facebook Advertising Specialists in Nigeria

A break-down of what to expect with this Facebook ads agency in Nigeria


We will discuss your goals, where you currently are, and what you have done, if at all. We might ask a few questions to know what worked in the past for you and what didn't, just to get a feel of where you are.

Budgeting & Contract

After our discussion, we will perform research on your audience and advice on what it will cost to reach a range of a number of people. Then, we will send a contract/agreement that will cover our Instagram/Facebook Ads work.

Instagram/Facebook Ads Strategy

Our Facebook Ads team goes into building the right strategies that will bring results, considering your product/services, audience, goals, and competitors.

Facebook Ads Set-up

When we are done with the strategy, this Facebook Advertising agency will go into setting up your Facebook or Instagram ads for success. We may insert Facebook ads tracking code on your website to track results for remarketing.

Facebook Page Optimization

A bad landing/Facebook/Instagram page can cause you not to get good results. To prevent that, our Facebook Ads agency may provide you with suggestions on how to improve your landing page or Facebook/Instagram page for results.

Ad Monitoring & Optimisation

We always monitor ads so we can make decisions to improve results or stop negatives as quickly as possible. So as we manage your ad, we implement tactics to ensure you get the best. We will also provide reports to you.

The Alternative to Our Facebook Advertising Services

If you are not looking to pay an agency to run your ads, you can take any of our Facebook and Instagram ad courses.

Facebook & Instagram Ads with Conversion Course

Our Facebook and Instagram Ads with Conversion course includes creating Facebook and Instagram ads to ensure that you convert sales. You’ll learn how to set up ads that appeal to your target customers, remarket to them, Facebook pixel set up, and more.

Enroll now for only ₦6,480

Facebook & Instagram Ads Set up Course

This course covers only setting up Facebook and Instagram Ads without conversion optimisation. This is best for those who want to learn how to set up ads or are having issues setting up ads or paying for ads on Facebook’s platform. You can learn this at an affordable rate and in a few hours.

Purchase now for only  ₦2,160

Social Media Advertising Course

If you are looking to learn how to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, this course is best for you. Our social media advertising course covers advertising on some of the major platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter), both set-up and conversion.

Purchase now for only  ₦12,000

Our Clients Say...

I wanted them to manage my social media accounts initially, but I was low on cash at the time. So, I took the training and it really helped me handle my page perfectly. I trust that these guys know what they are doing.

Kesiena Jan


My expectations were far exceeded. For a new business, The Brand Ally did a lot for me. I got my first set of orders on my Instagram page shortly after launch. Thank you.

Light Ovie


Ready for Facebook and Instagram Ads that convert customers?

We are one of the top Facebook advertising agencies with years of experience working with businesses of all sizes in Nigeria and can tailor a Facebook Ads campaign that will deliver results. So whether you're looking to grow your brand awareness, increase website traffic or sales, we can help. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you grow your business.

Facebook Advertising Agency FAQs

  • Is Facebook ad profitable in Nigeria?

    Nigeria's Facebook ad scene is rife with many opinions on this. The Nigerian market is diverse so while Facebook's ad will work for some brands, it wouldn't work for some others. Our job is to determine if Facebook advertising is better or other ad platfroms such as Instagram or even Twitter or Linkedin ads will serve you better. Also, we will determine if other digital marketing areas like SEO or Google ads are better for your business.

  • How much does Facebook ad cost?

    The cost of Facebook ads depend on a host of many factors. While some brands can get quality results by spending only 1,000 naira or less per day, some others may need to spend 10,000 or even more. Before giving you a cost estimate, we will do our research to let you know what to expect at your budget. Also, note that most facebook advertising companies charge their management fee separate from the amount you pay to Facebook. We are transparent with all this and will inform you of this as well.

  • Do you fix ad issues?

    Our Facebook advertising services covers fixing ad issues as well as issues with your Facebook business account. Reach out to us on [email protected] or +2349086160358 to discuss the issues you are facing.