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As a full-service PPC Google Ads agency in Nigeria, we super-charge your Google Ads campaigns for conversions at lower costs. Do you have issues with running Google ads with success? or want to reach a large audience and convert customers? Click on any of the buttons below.

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Pay Per Click/Google Ads Services

Campaign Set-Up Strategy

• Target audience research & buyer persona creation
• Keyword research & structuring
• Strategy creation
• Buyer journey mapping

Creating Compelling Ads

• Creation of ad copy, videos, animations, images, etc.
• Leveraging advanced Google ads features to stand out
• Sending the right messages at the right time, for example, awareness, retargeting, etc.

Landing Page Optimization

• Placing Google conversion tracking tags
• Editing the landing page content for conversion
• Optimizing the design of the landing page to ensure conversion

Top Google Ads Agency In Nigeria

Pay Per Click / Google Ads Should Not Cost An Arm

With billions of searches on Google and traffic on nice websites like YouTube, you should take advantage of means like Google Ads to reach audiences that match your ideal customer.

SEO is great and can help you reach people searching, but SEO can take months to kick in while Google Ads provide immediate results. If you’re in a hurry to get results – maybe you want to launch a new product – Google Ads is perfect for you.

Many people run away from it because they think it’s expensive. Google Ads is only costly when you use the wrong team or don’t know the right tactics. As the best Google Ads agency in Nigeria, we guarantee results. We don’t promise what we can’t give.

For low costs, you can reach audiences around the world and convert. Contact us today to get started.

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What To Expect

A break-down of what to expect with this Google Ads Company in Nigeria


During the consultation, we will discuss your goals - what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve them. We look at your product/services and discuss ways we can help you reach your goals.

Budgeting & Contract

After our discussion, we will perform research on your audience and let you know what it will take to reach a specific number/range of people. Then, we will send a contract/agreement that will cover our Google Ads work.

Google Ads Campaign Strategy

When we have all the data, our Google Ads team goes into building the right strategies for your campaign period, considering your goals, competitors, and target audience. We also do more research into your ideal customer.

Account Set-up

When we are done with the strategy, we go into Google Ads to set up your account for success. We may insert Google ads tracking code on your website to track conversions and/or traffic for remarketing as well.

Landing Page Optimization

A bad landing page can cause you not to get good results. To prevent that, we go to your website to ensure that your landing page is good to go. We may rewrite your content and tweak your design.

Ad Creation & Monitoring

When all is done, we write your ad copy and create images, videos, or animation that your ideal customer will love. Then, we set it up in Google ads and monitor it to optimize the ads as they run and ensure success.

The Alternative

Google Ads Training in Lagos or From Anywhere In The World

You might prefer to have an in-house Google Ads team or want to run Google Ads yourself. To ensure success, we have you covered. We provide a Google Ads training course. You can access the Google Ads online course here or enroll for physical training either at our location or your office. If you want physical training, click here to contact us.

Our Clients Say...

I had tried to run Google Ads by myself in the past. I didn’t get good results after spending so much. These guys really helped. They ran some ads for me for a month and the conversions were huge.

Nathaniel Edos


I wanted them to manage my social media accounts initially, but I was low on cash at the time. So, I took the training and it really helped me handle my page perfectly. I trust that these guys know what they are doing.

Kesiena Jan


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