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Attract, Engage, and Convert Customers On Social Media

As a full-service social media management agency in Lagos, we super-charge your social media pages for sales and brand growth. Every strategy and creative that we publish is aimed at attracting your ideal customer and convincing them to buy from you.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Strategy

• Target audience research & buyer persona creation
• Social media audit & analysis of networks & content
• Create detailed social media plan and calendar

Campaign Management & Content

• Content creation (social media posts)
• Brand mention & industry monitoring
• Engaging with relevant pages and individuals

Social Media Advertising

• Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, & Twitter Ad set-up
• Creation of ad copy and creatives (images, videos, etc.)
• Managing ads for success

Not Sure If Social Media Marketing Works?

Social Media Marketing Is Crucial For Business

Over 54% of people searching for products or services online check their social media platforms. Also, over 71% of satisfied customers recommend a business on their personal social media pages.

People spend more and more time on social media each day, and they are willing to interact with brands and buy without even leaving their social media apps.

With apps like Instagram and Facebook having the store feature and apps like Twitter and LinkedIn, encouraging more connections with customers, you can’t afford to take your social media unserious.

When done well, you can get over 500% return on social media marketing costs. Take it from a top social media management agency that has managed pages for leading brands; you need to not only be on the relevant channels for your industry and target audience, you also need quality and purposeful content.

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What To Expect

A break-down of what to expect with this social media marketing company in Nigeria


During the consultation, we will discuss your goals, where you currently are, and what you have done for social media. We might ask a few questions to know what worked in the past for you and what didn't, just to get a feel of where you are.

Social Media Audit

After our discussion and we are set to working together, we will perform a thorough audit on your entire social media presence. This gives us better insights into what’s working, what isn't working, & what to do about it across your social media channels.

Social Media Strategy

When we have all the data, our social media marketing team goes into building the right strategies for that campaign period, considering your goals and your target audience. During this time, we will do more research into your ideal customer.

Content Creation & Posting

When we are done with the strategy, we create content that will attract, engage, and convert your ideal customers.

Brand Monitoring

We always monitor the posts we send out to ensure that the social signals are well-received by your target audience.

Advertising & Influencers

Depending on how fast you want to achieve your goals, we might suggest leveraging influencer marketing & ads, which we will handle.

The Alternative

Social Media Marketing Training in Lagos or From Anywhere In The World

You might prefer to have an in-house social media management team or manage your social media pages yourself. To ensure success, we have you covered with our social media training course. Access the social media online course here or take the physical training at our location or your office. For physical training, click here to contact us.

social media marketing company in lagos

Our Clients Say...

I wanted them to manage my social media accounts initially, but I was low on cash at the time. So, I took the training and it really helped me handle my page perfectly. I trust that these guys know what they are doing.

Kesiena Jan


My expectations were far exceeded. For a new business, The Brand Ally did a lot for me. I got my first set of orders on my Instagram page shortly after launch. Thank you.

Light Ovie


Ready for social media pages that convert customers?

We take on a diverse range of projects from creating research-based and experimental customer experiences to building brand identities and targeted, practical advertisement, posts, and copy