Importance Of Mobile Apps In Today’s World

One modern and essential trend in today’s high-tech world is the multi-channel feature. Leveraging on the opportunity the multiple channels present will place you at a vantage position of reaching more people.  Interestingly one of the fast-rising and most promising of these features is mobile apps.

As individuals and societies continue to evolve and embrace new technology, most notably in the area of mobility, that is, technology on the go, it is essential that you harness the vast number of potentials mobile apps present. This is achieved by considering it as a tool necessary for business expansion.

If you think mobile apps are for big brands, you need a reorientation. Technology compliant small and medium scale businesses are already hatching the bountiful eggs of mobile app usage.

Having a mobile-friendly website might not do the entire trick compared to what mobile apps can do, especially in terms of reach, efficiency, and effectiveness.

 In this post, we have created a list of how beneficial a mobile app can be for your business.

1. Visibility and Accessibility

It is almost a universal truth with visible evidence that people spend more time on their mobile devices than on any other gadget. Available statistics show that the average person spends at least two hours on their mobile device, and 86% of this screen time, they spend it navigating through mobile devices.

The advantage of this is that for businesses using mobile apps is access into the living room, bedroom, offices, and even bathrooms of the targeted audience without breaching privacy – you are with them at every point.

It is safe to say that acquiring and investing in the use of mobile apps makes the business easily accessible and also makes customer visibility effortlessly efficient.

Easy access to customers is vital to every business as delay in communication is harmful to output. The effective use of mobile apps will ensure that you do not miss an opportunity to be available to your customers to sell your products or services even at odd hours.

One important thing to do is to include a messaging or “contact us” feature on your app to ensure optimum use, so communication between you and your customers will be efficient.  Interestingly, your app can be optimized for search engine results.

 2. Improves Customer Loyalty

There are a handful of ad enabling media out there: roadside billboards, flyers, website, social media ads, and e-mail marketing, to mention but a few. The harsh truth coming with all this is that ad content people get daily is a lot, so we are losing our impact on customers. Hence, the need to create a reconnection and make customers loyalists cannot be overemphasized.

A wide range of customers can make and pay for their order(s) with a mobile app, in the comfort of their sofas with their smartphones. In the long run, loyalty programs such as promotions, discounts, and bonuses for customers who download the app can be introduced.

Also, customers can get push notifications about new product (or company) information on the app 24/7. Leveraging the use of mobile apps will revitalize your business, and it can also be a way of creating a closer and concrete bond between your company and your customers.

3. Stay Above Competitors

Very few companies have been able to grab the juicy package associated with mobile app usage. True to say that some companies do not have a website, let alone a mobile app.

A good number of small business owners have been constrained with the notion that mobile apps are a tool that can only be adopted by big brands. SMEs with a progressive goal think otherwise and see the use of mobile apps as the way to go.

It cannot be denied that mobile apps give you and your company an advantage over competitors. It helps secure a more robust industry presence. While others are struggling to connect, you must have hit a goldmine made possible by the trust-based interaction between you and your audience. By the time others want to join the party, you are already miles ahead as an early bird.

Your customers are ever-evolving, which means they might be hopeful of a mobile app launch as your next project. Just the same way your competitors may already be thinking of plying this route. In both ends, your next phone dial should contact a mobile app development agency.

4. Analyse Data Easily

Mobile Apps are your best bet if you need vital information concerning your business and your audience. Mobile Apps can be very efficient when collecting, analyzing, and leveraging on customers’ data.

Information such as frequently used or least popular features, fast selling products, who your customers are, how long they stay on the app, their interests, location, demographics, and even understanding their motives can help you come up with strategies. These will, in turn, will be of great assistance in channeling your market energy in the right direction.

You can see and understand the pattern of interaction between your customer and your app. This pattern will enable you to know how you can improve your app and have a better user experience. You have an opportunity to use data-driven marketing strategies to offer your customers top-notch personalized user experience.

5. Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is an essential aspect of business growth. Also, in business, knowledge of your brand is a forerunner to trust. Hence, people buy from who they know. Your mobile app can come in handy when trying to build brand recognition. You can relate information on a brand story and brand culture to your customers and potential customers.

The more customer engagement traffic created on your app, the more inclined they become towards you and your product/service. Suffice it to say that creating a mobile app is one of the fastest ways to have a sound frequency; this means that your customers are likely to see and hear from you at least 20 times a day. 

6. Generate Income

Creating a mobile app creates a new alternative to increasing sales and output. The reason for this is not farfetched; you are in front of your audience all the time, and you are guiding them through making purchasing decisions. Also, you are making the purchasing process more convenient, intuitive, and straightforward.

Another outstanding feature of mobile apps is mobile payment. People now prefer to do everything, including trading, from the comfort of their homes. As virtual presence is gradually replacing brick-and-mortar engagements, a mobile app that enables online payment options always saves the day.

Another way to generate revenue via mobile app usage in business is to monetize your app. Some of the means of making this happen include in-app advertising, premium, in-app purchase, and paid apps. You see, you can sell your products/ services on your mobile app and make a side income by advertising your app.


A mobile app can be beneficial to every company, big and thriving businesses, and even budding SMEs. Here are some industries or companies that should start thinking of leveraging on mobile applications, the humongous multiplier effect it brings; and why:

  • Tourism: In the booking of hotels. In booking tickets to events in a new location, and the use of interactive maps.
  • Medicine: Booking online and offline appointments
  • Automobile: Trackers, Rental services and simple repair and maintenance guide
  • Restaurant: Seat booking, menus, and ordering delivery.
  • Beauty: Booking appointments, price lists, information about products and services

You can use free mobile app builders like BuildFire, AppsBuilder, or Como to build your mobile app. However, your best option is to hire an app development agency who understands the technicalities of building a mobile app as well as does research into your target audience to provide the best benefits to your business.

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