Offline Marketing Strategies That Still Work Wonders

Many young business owners don’t seem to remember how business was done before the emergence of the internet, so they tend to rely and focus solely on online marketing to reach their customers. You may be tempted to think that offline marketing strategies are going extinct and just ignore them completely because online advertising keeps gaining more ground.

Digital marketing strategies are a great way to engage and connect with consumers. However, offline marketing campaigns still work marvellously and shouldn’t be neglected.

Check most of the big brands – even Google, the giant in digital still does traditional marketing. The practice of combining both online and offline Strategies for leads generation and boosting sales is the most successful and effective way to practice business.

Offline marketing can be hard – just like digital marketing. You need to be convincing to win. We’ll help you. Let’s take a look at some offline marketing strategies that are cost-effective and still produce great results.

1. Cold Calling

Cold calling focuses mostly on potential new customers, but it can be used on both new prospects and old customers that you want to win back.

Call an already buying customer, you’ll make him feel important, and he’ll refer your business to someone else in his circle. However, calling a potential customer demands a different approach. You need to make it personal, so that resonates with then buyers’ interest.

Even though cold calling is a typical sales move, it helps you to build trust, bond well with both existing and potential customers, and create a collaborative relationship, especially when dealing with B2B and, of course, increases your chances of gaining new customers.

Cold calling works even though it’s not so easy to pick up your phone and call a total stranger to talk about business. The most important thing to note is that cold calling works. So pick up that phone and make the calls.

Before Cold Calls

Before you doing cold calling, ensure that the people you are reaching out to would want or need your service. I can’t begin to list how many web design companies have called us to design websites for us when we offer the service.

Ensure that you segment your lists nicely and research whoever you are about to call first. You can find out where they work, what their company does, etc. That way, you can have a conversation starter.

During Cold Calls

When you start a call, introduce yourself. Many people call and try to rush into their pitch. Don’t do that. Slow down and be clear: “This is [your name] from [your company],” then pause a bit. Don’t rush it.

Next, use a question from your research on them to establish rapport and show that you know what their company does. Try to bring in humour, but weigh the conversation first – if the person is in no mood to talk, go straight to the point.

Before you sell your service/product, do some positioning first. Something like “I work with marketing managers in grocery stores, and my customers are typically looking to increase sales and productivity, does that sound like you?”

You can then go into explaining their pain point and how you can help them solve it. If they don’t agree right away – which will likely happen because this is the first time they are getting to know you – ensure that you get another “appointment” or follow up time to call them again before you end your call.

2. Business Card

Getting a business card is essential for every business and business owner. Don’t just think that because you have an online presence, you don’t need a business card. A business card allows you to efficiently give someone a detailed way to get to know you and your business as a whole in a few seconds.

Also, when you meet people physically, a business card is way better than telling them, “Hey, go check out my website at http….” Don’t give them extra work because they wouldn’t do it. Just give them a card.

Also, a business card gives you flexibility; you can pin your business card to a public bulletin, pass it to attendees at a networking event, slip them into books and magazines, etc.

When getting a business card, ensure you get one that contains details of your online contacts as well, such as website URL and details of the social media platforms you’re on.

3. Speaking Engagements

One of the most exciting things about events is that they allow you to network and build brand awareness. It becomes more interesting if you’re allowed to speak at an event. Speaking at events, especially professional ones, can boost your visibility as well as that of your business.

Find events that are related to your industry and canvass for an opportunity to speak at such an event on areas of your interest and strength. When you do this, it becomes a highly effective marketing strategy and can be very helpful for B2B business owners.

Remember those business cards we talked about earlier, ensure you go with lots of them when you attend events, whether or not you’re speaking at such an event.

4. Get on Publications

Print publications are still valuable when it comes to offline marketing. It certainly won’t give you the same result when you do SEO. However, print publications such as placement in industry magazines, newspaper publications, journals, and press releases will help increase the visibility of your brand and let the world know about your expertise.

You can get your blog posts published on print materials and use that as part of your outreach strategy, and follow up on both online and offline version of the post. In doing print publications, you have to be selective; make sure you’re publicizing in places where your target audience and potential customers are.

Click on this link to find out how to connect to your customers while marketing with brand storytelling.

5. Join Professional Bodies

There is a professional body for most industries, and as part of your offline marketing strategy, you can join them. Some business owners think that joining professional organizations is not relevant in the online world.

However, some opportunities are not announced or shared on the internet, and you can only get from those bodies. Joining a professional organization is a bold and powerful move. Here are some of the advantages.

  • Recognition
  • Networking
  • Continuous Development
  • Opportunities
  • Updates on Trends and Industry News

6. Start a Referral Program

When a customer suggests your business to someone else looking for who they can do business with, that is a referral. Getting referrals is vital for your business regardless of the size of your business and the industry you belong to.

You can take it a notch further by investing in referral marketing. Offer incentives to already existing customers when they refer someone who is looking for the kind of products or services you offer. However, you need to ensure you’re already delivering excellent services to your existing customers so that they are quick to recommend you when the opportunity arises.

You can come up with referral programs that would provide you with a steady flow of new clients. People who come in through referrals are quick to trust the quality of your products or services because they know their friend or a family member has done business with you.

What Offline Marketing Strategy Do You Want To Try First?

The good news is that you don’t have to choose between traditional marketing strategies and online marketing strategies. You can use both strategies which have proven to be more powerful. Plus, you don’t have to pay in heaps to do offline marketing – many people assume it’s costly, but it doesn’t have to be.

As much as you use online marketing ideas, you shouldn’t forget their offline roots. When you combine both strategies, you stand a higher chance of increasing your brand’s visibility and gaining more attention and attraction to your brand both online and offline.

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