Search Engine Optimization for Eliezer Group

Transforming Eliezer Group into an online market leader, increasing leads by over 1,950% and taking them from an average position of 75.55 to an average position of 1.7.

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Eliezer Group had previously approached us to redesign their company website. Their satisfaction with out website design led them to explore our digital marketing offering. Specifically, they wanted to:

  • Increase their leads
  • Get more noticed on search, particularly for local searches and Google Maps
  • Get more traffic and customers through organic means that will last the long-haul
Due to their objectives, we proposed an SEO service that ensure they become a market leader for local searches in their industry taking them from an average of 75.55 in rankings to an average of 1.7.

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Understanding the results

When Eliezer Group came to us for our SEO service, their website was only showing on the 7th page of Google search for valuable terms that include “facility management company in lagos”, “facility management company in Nigeria” and “security company in Nigeria”.

Our work was cut out for us since they had competitors that understood the value of SEO and had invested in it greatly.

Nevertheless, we were able to achieve top-tier results and now, they rank in position one and two for all their valuable keywords.

How We Achieved Results for Eliezer Group


Having done preliminary research to ensure SEO will be valuable to our client, we built a well-structured SEO strategy to create long-term repeatable value for our client, taking into consideration their audience, competitors, and potential results.



Through iterations of the website design and content, we improved visibility in search and their conversion rate. In addition, we carried out several tests to ensure our actions were data-backed. Furthermore, we carried out well-thought-out and implemented activities such as technical optimisations, link building, and outreach to ensure that Eliezer Group benefited significantly from our approach.

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