Inkhood Web App, Mobile App, Branding, and more

End to end service for a publishing and reading platform. From branding to development to business strategies.
  • Bespoke UI Design
  • Web application development
  • Cross-platform (iOS and Android) mobile app development
  • Monetization strategy
  • Branding

A Little History

Inkhood had an idea. They wanted to transform the way authors wrote books and readers got them. Of course they had competitors, but none of thier competitors at the time catered directly for the Nigerian market and they weren’t so user-friendly.

They had the idea, but a lot of areas were gray. For example, a monetization strategy wasn’t clear. What was a good money-back strategy that would work? what would make them stand out in the market?

With all those questions, they approached us to develop a web and mobile app. We did even more than that.

Branding and Strategies


After discussions with the client, we designed a brand identity that incorporated the story they wanted to tell potential customers going along with colours that they chose.

We also designed their brand tone which we used to develop content for the web application landing page.


We came up with a number of strategies for the brand that competitors weren’t using at the time. Those strategies covered:

  • Monetization of the app to get a sustainable ROI
  • A bit of marketing to ensure conversion and retaining of the writers and authors.

Web Application Development

From design to development. We initially designed the user interface with Figma, converted to web design languages then went on to develop that into an application. Using React and Django Rest, we developed an easy to use application that covered the designed specifications.


Mobile Application Development

From design to development. We initially designed the user interface with Figma. Using Flutter and Django Rest, we developed an easy to use mobile application that covered the designed specifications.

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