Productivity tips for digital marketing

6 Productivity Tips To Boost Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

With the number of things happening on social media, blogs, and the whole WWW space, it’s easy for digital marketing teams to choose the wrong approach to marketing, and become unproductive.

If you think it’s all about copying a viral topic or keying into the entertainment industry when you don’t offer services relating to that industry, you are so wrong. Every company should aim at the best when pushing out digital marketing campaigns.

You want to catch the eye of your potential customers at the right time and cause them to engage. Without further ado, use these productivity hacks for digital marketing to boost the success of your team and campaigns:

1. Have A Marketing Plan And Strategy

Many times, businesses go into posting on social media, pushing out ads, and search engine optimization tactics without a well-structured plan. Sure, you want to get sales, but have you mapped out the buyer funnel to keep each end tight?

Lack of a plan, a marketing strategy, the right budget, and proper research kills many digital marketing campaigns before they even launch. You need to have a game plan.

2. Build The Right Content Calendar

One thing that kills the vibe for most businesses is having no content calendar. Trust us, we know. Without a calendar, you can easily forget that you haven’t created any post for this week or engaged with certain user groups. When you have a calendar, your digital or content marketing team is guided right to producing and pushing content and engagement deliverables at the right time.

3. Engage. And I Write Again, ENGAGE!

You need to keep in touch with your followers. Engage, not only on your page. Go on their pages as well. For productivity sake, it’s not only your followers you should be engaging with, discuss with members of your digital marketing team. Keep in touch, plan team building activities, and even those for relaxing sake.

4. Networking Is Key

Networking is essential to finding success in business. It shouldn’t be restricted to just meetings, conferences, and events. Social media is a great networking tool that many businesses have ignored. When last did you discuss with your connects on LinkedIn? When last did you have a relevant business conversation on Instagram?

Social media marketing gives you access to so many people across the globe. Discuss with relevant individuals can boost your creativity and help move the business to another level. While you’re at it, don’t come off as salesy or pushy – that’s one way to be ignored. Build relationships then sell.

5. Join Relevant Groups And Ask Questions

Being part of social media groups allow you to ask specific questions to a group of people and get quick answers from those that have had experiences in dealing with similar issues. You can join digital marketing groups, content writing forums, entrepreneurship and business groups, etc.

There are so many on LinkedIn, Facebook, Nairaland, and even places like Quora and Reddit. One way to build relationships and leads is to ask questions. You never know who would reply.

Furthermore, you can follow inspiring social media pages and websites so that you fill yourself with the charge to be creative.

6. Break Down Tasks And Measure

Break down campaign preparation and marketing into small tasks and assign a timeline to each little task. That ensures that you’re on track and on time.

Also, don’t forget to measure the effectiveness of your digital/social media strategy against the results from the campaign. There are tools to measure this, or you can generate those yourself.

Digital Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be A Huge Mountain

Many businesses and digital marketers are struggling every day but are finding it hard to be productive and achieve success. However, it doesn’t have to be so. The internet is a great place to do business. You can give yourself an extra boost through these digital marketing productivity tips.

Take advantage of the internet, but if you think it’s not your thing or find it too hard to do, get a digital marketing agency to help you  – we’re here to help. Just send an email to [email protected] or call us: +2349086160358.

For businesses already kicking it, how has it been for you? And what tool do you wish was available to help you with your digital marketing efforts?

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