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9 Social Media Lead Generation Tactics To Draw In Loads Of Leads

Research shows that 66% of companies see lead generation benefits from just putting as little as six hours a week into social media. Conversion rates are 13% higher than any other platform in social media/online marketing.

Getting qualified leads from social media is not about creating accounts everywhere – some platforms work better for some companies than others.

No one is a complete guru because what works for company A might differ from what works for company B, but you can get started with these tips to get results:

Promote Gated Contents To Your Followers On Social Media

Gated contents are contents that you put a virtual gate on. It requires that the visitor fills in their information before they can move on to participate in a meeting or view content.

Preparing gated content is a way to generate leads for your business from social media. You can lure your social media followers into giving you their contact information for your valuable content. The content can be a webinar, a video, or an event that you think is relevant to your followers.

If it comes free, even better. Most people don’t mind giving their emails away if you offer them a free content in return – high quality content that is.

When using this method to generate leads, you must bear three things in mind.

  1. Have a simple landing page with a form ready to collect their emails and other necessary details.
  2. Make the form as simple as possible – if it is too long, they might abandon it
  3. Take time to develop important and quality content

Pin An Engaging Post On The Top Of Your Page To Attract Leads

Another way to generate leads through your social media accounts is to pin a relevant post at the top on your social media page.

Get people who are interested in the post to follow the link to content where you can get drop their contact information before they can continue.

You can also change this post from time to time and create specific landing pages that can collect the leads over time on specific content that is relevant to what you offer.

Use Live Videos To Engage One-on-one With Target

Live videos are an extraordinary addition to social media. It’s on many platforms now.

Research shows that 82% of social media users are more likely to watch a video than to read a post. And the thing is, with live video, more people will feel the urgency to hook up before the time passes out.

Furthermore, people can chat in real time on the live video and interact with you on the comment section; it is easy for you to build a reputation with this.  You can also gather leads from the people that click to watch the video and those that left quality/relevant comments.

Another advantage of live videos is that they do not expire.  You can still generate leads from those that would click to watch your video later. Getting people in though is all about promotion. Promote it hard before you go live.

Send A DM To People Who Retweet/Share Your Posts

Retweets and shares are mild endorsements for your twitter posts. You don’t quite get them in large amounts, and when you do get them, you should take them seriously.

Most people that retweet your posts are genuinely interested in the post that you made. So you can take advantage of your retweets by converting them to leads.

You can use Buffer app to see people who have retweeted your posts on twitter, you can also see relevant comments. Then, send a DM to these people and take them down the sales funnels.

Create Social Media Advertisements To Generate Leads

Social media advertisements are a great resource in generating leads. Most people who would click on your social media ads have at least over 50% chance of converting.

It is always important to keep the lead form as simple as possible. While Facebook offers you the opportunity to ask for a long list of things, you should always narrow it down to a few questions, to avoid abandonment by customers.

For Facebook, the lead form is seen in one view. Instagram’s is broken down into pages or slides. If you are also promoting on Instagram, then be sure to keep it very simple with just one or two breaks to reduce abandonment.

Another option when using Facebook Ads is to use the “click to website” option to get people to go straight to your website where you can capture their information.

Build An Authoritative Reputation

You can decide to pick certain topics around the product and service you offer and provide content around this area, to build a good reputation in this area.

The content could be a live video, written posts, podcasts, or an infographic. With time, people would begin to see that you know your stuff in this area. It can create ripple effects of retweets, comments, and more links clicking to your lead form, and you could also have people contacting you directly.

Design A Free Q And A Session For Your Followers

When there are certain subjects that you have been able to build a reputation on; you can do an open Q&A session for all your followers. So anyone can ask you anything that they need clarity on.

This way, you would get people asking you questions about everything from technical issues to small issues regarding your industry. 

So you can easily refer them to an article or ask them to drop their email addresses to send more information to them. You can generate hot leads that have a high potential for conversion.

Give Out Freebies On Your Product And Service

Freebies on your product and service might not mean that you have to give out a product or service that would cause you a rip-off on your budget. It could be just giving out parts of your services for free or accessories for your products for free.

For instance, you could make a post that says; get hair products for every hair extension you buy. You can turn this into a contest, get a lot of shares, likes, and follows, and maybe even go viral.

Create How-to Videos On Youtube

Taking advantage of the video boom on the internet is a great way to harness leads. With youtube bringing in a lot of visitors daily, you can create a youtube page which you can use to show your subscribers different content while you ask them to subscribe and follow the link below the content to your website.

Posting quality content on youtube is a quick way to build a reputation and keep the leads flowing in, while you engage your audience.

Social Media Lead Generation And Conversion Is A Long Continuous Work

Social media has become an indispensable tool for both brick and mortar and online businesses. The potentials are endless. Your business can see significant growth over time, just by giving more strategic attention to these social media marketing tips. Bear in mind though that results don’t come in one day. It’s a long game.

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