Why Every Website Needs An Active Blog Section

One of the frequently asked questions we get from business owners when designing their website is, “should I add a blog section to my website”? To this end, I’ll be using this post to address the issue of the importance of adding a blog section business website and ensuring that the blog is active.

Blog – What & Why For Businesses

As an organization, you might want to relate quality information that will be useful to your customers from time to time. A blog is where this and other related content will stay on the website. On a different site, the “blog” has a different name. It can be news updates, articles, topical issues, or even press releases.

You can choose to name the section where you give out information and updates something that’s befitting for your organization. It doesn’t matter if your business is budding or a huge multinational company, blogging should be an integral part of your content marketing strategies.

Having an active blog is worth considering to ensure an increase in your company’s visibility and to safeguard your company’s credibility to your customers.

 Now, let’s dive in and show you more details on why you need an active blog on your website.

1. Drive Traffic and Create Engagement on your website

New, good contents and relevant keywords are the variables that drive good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results. The blog section of your website offers you the platform to achieve fantastic SEO results.

Due to the nature of blogs, user interaction is encouraged, and this interaction attracts and keeps visitors. Depending on the business niche, these visitors can collectively form a community of their own on your website.

Another angle to this is that you can be overly confident to invite people from your social media to your website and be rest assured that they will meet engaging blog content.

First of all, a link to blog posts must be available; then, all effort must be made to give your audience a first good impression. Then, they might sign up to your email list, check out your services, and even make purchases. Furthermore, you can post inbound links in your blog post to drive traffic to a landing page on your website. 

2. Position You As An Expert

The truth is that if potential customers see your blog post as one that can provide useful information about the various products and services that you offer, they are more likely to do business with you. This is essential, especially if you’re into the sales of products or rendering certain services.

When you are perceived to be very knowledgeable in your niche, you will easily be trusted. If you are a first-time reader and devout more time to our other blog posts, won’t you be comfortable doing business with us? The sole reason for this confidence is because, from our posts, we’ve shown beyond all reasonable doubts that we know how to do what we do efficiently and that we care about your business.

This is what happens when you post relevant and topical issues that resonate well with your target audience.  It shows that you are an expert in that industry and builds your customers’ trust in you.

You can upload blog posts on problems that require a quick fix. You can also write on DIY topics and the latest industry trends. You can provide answers to frequently asked questions about your products, give expert opinions on critically essential subject matters that will inspire your audience, and lots more.

Your website can become an information hub – just about the right place to get prompt, accurate, and reliable information as it relates to your industry.  You can make it possible by maximizing the blog feature on your website.

3. Build Customer Relationship

You can deepen the relationship between you and your customers by maximizing the blog section of your website.

By blogging on your website, your customers can know more about your business; ask questions in the comments section of every post. Again, you’re able to build trust by providing relevant information to your customers. This is interwoven with what we’ve been saying from the onset, and this point cannot be overemphasized.

When your customers trust you for the free and valuable information you churn out, you automatically occupy a position where you can get their full support whenever you decide to launch a new product or service. When we launched MarketArdent, we were confident of its acceptance, and the results were (and still are) marvelous due to the support of some of our loyal readers.

Lastly, you can encourage your readers to engage with your blog post by simply closing a blog post with a question. This steadily keeps the conversation going. Also, by responding to questions asked, or the engaging comments that your readers make, you have the opportunity to build trust and capacity and gain insights into what your customers are always anticipating.  

4. Long term traffic

If you sit down to write and publish a blog post today, and speaking hypothetically the post gets about 200 views and around 20 leads, the next day, the post attracts 100 views and ten leads from people who view it on social media, and another 50 views from your email subscribers; you will notice that the funfair in that singular post might start increasing to the extent of hitting about 350 views and 35 leads.

That is not all. Now that your post is ranking high on search engines, the implication is that singular post will continue to attract more views in weeks, months, and maybe years to come. You can continue to harvest more traffic and leads from it.

Putting up a blog is more than a day’s buzz. A website with numerous blog posts can continue to garner traffic from old blog posts. This provides the potential for more leads that can be converted to paying customers.


You want to start driving traffic, turning website visitors into leads, and then converting them to paying customers? Simple, start blogging, and providing useful content strategically. If your website has a blog section, great news, you can start writing and publishing right away. If yours doesn’t, you can reach out to us to help you with that.

Have any questions, contributions, or concerns, drop them in the comments.

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