Why you need to optimize your website for mobile and how to - infographic

Why You Need To Optimize Your Website For Mobile & How To – Infographic

Many people wonder why they need a website and that is something that we addressed in a previous post. Having a website isn’t for everyone; you can see who and who it isn’t for in the post. For many businesses though, a website is essential. It’s literally your 24/7 salesperson, constantly representing and marketing you even in your unofficial hours.

Many businesses see more than 2000% ROI from their websites. That said, it’s more than having a beautiful website. Many people only bother about the web look but forget mobile.

However, a recent study shows that more than half of worldwide web traffic is done on mobile devices. So, we designed this infographic to show you why you need to optimize your website for mobile and how to go about optimizing it.

With mobile optimization, you can get a game-changer in your business. The truth is that for every target audience, a bulk of them will visit your website on mobile devices. Even those top CEOs that you’re targeting have smartphones that they use in their spare time. Guess what, when your website is optimized right, they get to view it.

If the experience on mobile is not good enough, you have not only lost a potential customer but also, your bounce rate is likely going to be high. That tells Google and other search engines that you’re not serious and aren’t providing enough information to visitors and your search engine ranking will drop.

Don’t make the mistake of providing a terrible mobile experience. Do something about your website today.

How has your experience with mobile optimization been? have you faced any challenges while trying to get a mobile-optimized website? what was it like being on an unoptimized website? let us know in the comments.

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