you dont need a website

You Don’t Need A Website

You’re wondering if setting up a website for your business is necessary. For individuals, having a website is now seen as the top item on the list of other personal branding materials.

Do you really need a website? I mean, in the 80s and before that, businesses were fine without the online presence. However, this day and age is different.

If you don’t care about “trustworthiness”, you can ignore having a website and a credible online presence. If you sell to only family members, then you don’t need a website. However, if you aren’t any of those, ignore those who say having a website isn’t necessary.

Don’t believe me? Maybe these reasons will convince you:

1. A Website Promotes Your Business At A Less Cost

Small businesses can’t do traditional marketing on a big scale like they can with digital marketing if they don’t have lots of money. When I mean lots, I mean in millions. Have you checked the cost of billboard ads these days? What about radio? Let’s not even go to television.

The cheaper alternative is flyers. However, if you haven’t noticed, most people that get flyers toss them in the next waste bin they see. Plus, you can’t even measure metrics to see the impressions such is making.

With a business website, you can create advertising campaigns that tie back to your website, have your e-banners, pop-ups, search engine optimization, and other advertising materials with little resources and even get to attract more customers by putting retargeting measures in place.

2. It Gives Credibility To Your Business

Before most people consider doing business with you, they search on Google. You have to build the first point of contact.

For some people, if they can’t find positive information about you on Google, they can’t do business with you. To rank on Google search, you need a website. Sure, bloggers can talk about you, but you need to be in control of the narrative.

A website carries the bulk. With e-commerce businesses, people look at the verified reviews on your website. With brick and mortar, people look at your case studies, portfolio, and testimonials.

3. With A Website, You Have Seamless Tools To Generate Sales

Have you heard of sales funnels? A sales funnel is a process that a prospect is lead through to turn them into a customer.

Websites can serve as the starting and closing point of sales funnels. It generates income for the business. Share on X

You can create a funnel that is measurable and that you can easily monitor from your lead magnets to offers that create a second purchase and a loyal customer.

4. A Website Adds Professionality To Your Brand

The best time to start building your website is before you launch. The next best time is Now.

A website makes it easy to effectively and efficiently make your brand as professional as it can be. It helps to show how serious you are. On your website, you can establish your brand personality, voice, and values. These are what your target audience will come to relate with.

5. A Website Is An Investment

Many businesses, especially startups, seem to think that a website brings unnecessary expenses, so they don’t want to incur the cost of owning one.

A website is not an unnecessary expense, it’s an investment that pays back quickly and continuously. Share on X

However, for your investment to pay out, your website has to be designed professionally, fully functioning with fast speed, and packed with great and amazing content.

Your Website Might just Be The Difference Between 10% and 1500% ROI

With your website, you can connect to drawing on social media advertising, SEO, backlinking, and influencer/blogger outreach. It might just be the difference between a 10% or a 1500% return over investment in advertising.

Your business needs a website.

That said, do not try to do a website on your own despite the availability of website builders and pre-built templates. For website builders, they don’t always look professional. For the templates, you might go wrong with many things like hosting, thus leaving you with a clunky and slow website. It’s better to have no website than to have a bad one.

Your best option is to hire a professional website design company to build a functional, yet beautiful website with the right aesthetics.

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