Digital Marketing Training In Lagos Nigeria (Online Courses Also Available)

Become a Digital Marketing Specialist - Proven Strategies To Increase Traffic & Sales for you and your customers.

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Our digital marketing courses and training covers everything you need to know about search engine optimization, social media marketing, Google Ads (PPC), and content marketing. You will learn the key elements for creating and implementing digital marketing strategies that work and identify opportunities to improve traffic and sales.


Online & Physical Digital Marketing Training In Lagos: What's Included

The following topics shall be taught in the digital marketing training course. You’ll specifically get step-by-step guides with each module geared at turning you into a professional.

Search Engine Optimization

In our SEO training course, you will learn how to optimize websites for search. The SEO module covers the following:

  • Technical SEO
    Ensuring that your site is indexed by search engines right.
  • On-Page SEO
    Learn how to write content and do keyword research the right way.
  • Off-page SEO
    Link building that actually lands you links fast.
  • Local
    This teaches you how to optimize to rank in your site, state, & country.
  • and more

Social Media Marketing

With our Social media marketing training course, you will learn how to run organic campaigns and run profitable ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Includes:

  • Strategy & Audit
    How to build a winning social media strategy and do an audit.
  • Content Creation 
    The way to create & curate world-class content that converts.
  • Social Media Conversion Optimization
    Find out the key areas that affect conversion & maximize their impact. 
  • Social Media Advertising
    Learn the dynamics of social media paid advertising.
  • and more

Google Ads

Learn how to run ads on Google and make a profit without spending a fortune. Includes:

  • Set-Up 
    Set up display and search campaigns for optimal results.
  • Crafting Compelling Ads
    Create content that converts.
  • Optimizing Google Ads
    Enhance your ads to stand out, for conversions.
  • A/B tests
    Optimizing ads by running split tests.
  • Remarketing
    Converting those that have encountered your business previously.
  • and more.

Content Marketing

With the content marketing training course, you will learn how to create profitable content marketing campaigns easily. Includes:

  • Content Marketing Strategy
    Creating a content marketing plan.
  • Content Planning
    Plan content for massive success. Mapped out with your goals, KPIs, and content types.
  • Content Creation Geared At Conversion
    Creating the right content and writing content that hits the senses.
  • Buyer Persona And Audiences
    Buyer persona research and how to convert any target segment with content.
  • and more.

Why Take Our Digital Marketing Training Courses?

Simply because you will get results. Everything we teach you, we have used to get results for our clients.

Here’s an increase in the search engine traffic of an SEO client’s e-commerce blog to over 190k visits per month.

seo company in lagos

Here are results in conversions for a client that we ran Google Ads for. Take a look at the CPC and total cost.

the brand ally google ads agency in lagosresult

Our Team Of Marketing Professionals

Our training team is made up of digital marketing professionals with years of experience under their belt. Our team has worked as freelancers and in the agency to grow businesses in the USA, UK, Germany, Nigeria, and Israel.

You will have direct support and access to email, speak with, call, and discuss with them to ensure that you learn and make use of the modules and topics to get sales and traffic for your business or clients.

Also, we have our community. Whether you learned online or physically, you get access to a community of students and marketing professionals.

Furthermore, you have coaches that want you to succeed. Whatever you need help for, be it that you are struggling with implementing a topic or just need positioning tips, we are here for you.

Plus, our modules – from the introduction to the end – are geared at ensuring all our students’ success.

Our team has a high success rate. Thousands of dollars have been earned by our students since the inception of our program. For example, one of ours has made over $40,000 on Upwork to date.

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Physical Training

Our digital marketing training in Lagos is 149,000 naira. The training lasts for six weeks and takes place in Lagos. To register, kindly proceed to pay into our training account. At the end, you’ll get a certificate.

Online Course

The digital marketing online course is 80,460. Discount sales are on now.  The online course is self-paced, so you can watch the videos & read the PDF & other documents at your convenience. Like physical training, you are awarded a certificate.

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Learn Digital Marketing - FAQs

  • How much does it cost to learn digital marketing in Nigeria?

    If you want a detailed course or training that teaches you all that you need to know to succeed in the digital marketing industry, you need to invest. The range for quality training in Nigeria is usually between 140,000 naira to 180,000 naira. Our in-depth digital marketing six-weeks training is 149,000 naira for physical training and 81,000 naira for online training.

  • Which certification is best for digital marketing?

    There is no "best certification". It all depends on what you want to do with your digital marketing certification. For profitability sake, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing are highly-profitable in Nigeria and abroad. Social Media Marketing is also profitable while Google Ads Management is mainly profitable abroad.

  • How much does it cost to learn digital marketing?

    We have answered for in Nigeria. In general, digital marketing training can be expensive. For example, some digital marketing courses outside Nigeria cost as high as $1000-$4000. The low range is usually around $400.

  • How can I become a digital marketer in Nigeria?

    There are many opportunities. If you take any of our courses, we will coach you to turn your skill into money. For example, if you take SEO, we will coach you to get accepted on freelancing platforms like Upwork and make $$$ or apply for full-time remote jobs through job boards. Many of our students have been successful with those.

    If you are learning digital marketing for the sake of your business, we also have a business course as well as coaching to guide you to implement the training in your business marketing.

  • What is the best digital marketing training course in Lagos

    The best digital marketing training in Lagos is Market Ardent (The Brand Ally). We have taught students that have earned over $30,000 each on their freelancing profiles in a short time. And those that have used our training to get clients and sales for their business.

  • Is the marketing professional course structured in modules?

    Yes, all our courses come in strategically prepared materials that have step by step guides to help you become a professional. Our digital marketing training course is aimed to take you from zero to hero.

  • How long will it take us to become marketing professionals?

    Our physical digital marketing training shall take six weeks. With it, you will have all the real strategy and skill to drive sales, traffic, and leads for any business. Our online training is self-paced. You can finish it within 3-6 weeks, depending on how you take it.