Our Portfolio - IT E-commerce Website Design

Tech Data E-commerce Store

Designing and developing a seamless and secure e-commerce website with custom functionality.

  • Bespoke UI Design
  • Custom e-commerce website development
  • User Experience Mapping
  • Mobile Responsive Development
  • Deployment in a hosting server

A Little History

Having worked with us to design their corporate website previously, Tech Data Consulting Limited reached out to us a few years later for an e-commerce website that was different than the regular and for different audiences.

Unlike most e-commerce sites, this one was to not have a payment functionality, but rather function more like a catalogue where customers can see products and get a “call for price” text.

We thought that wouldn’t be user-friendly especially on a website and proposed something else: functionalities to request prices for products directly on the site and through other means (call, live chat, WhatsApp) easily.

IT E-commerce/Catalogue Site

This was a fun project seeing as the client wanted us to use WordPress and such functionalities like WooCommerce while working against the native features of such platforms: payment on site, bank, or on delivery.

Nevertheless, we delivered. Here’s what we did:

  • A seamless design for mobile and desktop users
  • Development of custom price request functionality and pages with even better user-friendly features than what the client envisioned
  • Multiple contact options: 
  • Design for a mix of corporate and farming
  • Setting up of corporate governance, about and what we do pages to showcase subsidiaries
  • Blog Section Development

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