Why you need to update your website

Why You Should Update Your Website + What Happens If You Don’t

Keeping up to date has never been a bad idea, as nothing stays the same for a long time. The same thing happens with web pages. On the internet, the change is even more frequent. So the service of maintenance, updating and improvement of web pages must become a day-to-day activity.

To maintain and update the website every day? Yes, of course. Every day, you should check the security of your site to see if there’s anything that needs to be updated. Same thing with your content. In this article, we will show you what to pay attention to when updating your website.

Tasks to Focus on When Updating Your Website

When updating your website, there are three types of tasks that are part of any web update plan that you must follow: technical update, content update and web design update.

All are important and must be addressed. In most cases, updating the content of your website is more frequent than a design or functional update.

We will be looking at updating your website on a technical and functional level in this article. We have previously written content creation tips covering how to create content frequently, from getting topics to optimising for search.

Why Update Your Website on A Technical and Functional Level?

I am not telling you anything new when I write that the Internet is evolving every day, and your website, along with the rest of the Internet, is a part of that evolution. Much of this technological evolution is based on programming reshaping the technical system. As a result, you must update your website to keep up. To be detailed, here are the top reasons:

Your Website Is Safer Against Any Attack When You Update It Frequently

Updating the versions of your web server and the programming of your web page will provide more security against any attack by a virus or hacker.

Updates to the web system, such as updating PHP and going from HTTP to HTTPS, are crucial. With these updates on your server and website, you offer your users greater security when browsing your website, especially if they leave personal data, and that is also your obligation.

Another strong reason is linked to the use of content management systems. When using platforms like WordPress, you must update frequently. Else, you’ll be left vulnerable to an attack that can lead to loss of control over your website and access to the protected data of your clients.

Several updates on the software of these systems include a security enhancement since they have most likely detected a security problem in their code and have solved it. Updating your site and server software is crucial every time a new update is available! Updating your website makes it safer against any attack.

With this type of maintenance or updating of your web page, you will obtain positive results for yourself and your users and clients. 

Increase the Speed of Your Website and Load Faster

Whenever you talk about loading speed, you tend to think that it is done once and is optimised forever, right? But the truth is that it is not so. If you change the design, content or add information, it can affect the loading speed and its optimisation, especially if you install a new plugin or some type of content that was not there before.

Any plan to increase the loading speed of your website will always go through updating the web system to the latest version. If you are serious about keeping your website fully optimised, you will update your site frequently and optimise it as needed.

Improve the Usability of The Site and User Experience

A web page is like the reception of your company. If it provides a bad user experience, no one will call you. Therefore, there is always feedback that can promote changes in its operation.

Updating your website constantly will improve the comfort and experience of your potential client.

If you analyse what your users think of your website, you’d probably realise that they would feel more comfortable if you included some functionality on your website or made a change in its design.

If your idea is to keep your users and customers satisfied, it is a compelling reason, and you will most likely use the maintenance and web update plan to build an ideal website for them.

Using heatmaps, in this case, can provide tremendous benefits.


The success of your website hinges on your marketing and having a website and server maintenance plan. The success of such a plan depends on the comprehensive treatment of the elements that make up your web project. 

If you think it’s a lot of work, hire a company to take care of it. We offer website maintenance services that help you keep up optimum security, hosting and server health. Email [email protected] or call tel:+2349086160358 to get started.

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