Marketing Psychology – 4+ Strategies That Trigger Customer Conversion

To understand and get a full grasp of what we’ll be talking about, it is necessary to clearly define the following words “marketing” and “psychology.”

Let’s see.

Marketing is the promotion, distribution, and selling of a product or service; it carries with it, market research and advertising. On the other hand, psychology is the mental, emotional, and behavioral characteristics of a person.

It is therefore safe and accurate to say that Marketing Psychology is the promotion, distribution, and selling of products and services based on the mental, emotional, and behavioral characteristics of a person.

Let’s take a look at some Marketing Psychology Strategies that trigger customer engagement and conversion.

1. Be Emotional

emotional ad

Recent studies have proven that consumers respond more when business owners give out emotional and psychological content. They care less about features, functions, and expertise. They want to feel free, comfortable and loved while doing business with you.

When you’re putting together an Ad copy, ensure it is emotional, because an emotional Ad copy will always outsell an Ad copy only talking about features.

For example, in 2015, coca-cola started a “Choose Happiness” marketing campaign. It was a powerful example that encouraged consumers to share happy memories and experiences that make (made) them feel elated. That’s what it means to be emotional.

2. Social Proof

Social Proof is a type of marketing on its own. It goes beyond the famous word of mouth; it is more like banking on the influence of experts, celebrities, and reviews of those who have used your product or service. The aim of this is to increase brand trust in your product or service. People trusts what other people say about a business over what the business says.

One of the advantages of digital technology is that it amplifies social proof. Below are some types of Social Proofing you can try when trying to market your brand using psychology:

  • Use an expert/thought leader
  • Have celebrities /influencers endorse your products
  • Give your users a voice
  • Get, and publish reviews and feedbacks
  • Get certified (for example, an Instagram certified handle)

3. Reward Your Customers

No one tends to drift towards a stingy person. A Generous person, on the other hand, attracts lots of people. However, do not confuse being frugal to being tight. As a business owner, you must know the difference. Rewarding your customers doesn’t have to be expensive.

For example, you can add a small gift when they buy a certain amount of products. If you’re into fashion, you can gift your customers a bottle opener or key-holder when they order for specific amounts of T-shirts. Who doesn’t like free stuff? If you’re observant, you must have noticed that certain brands use giveaways as part of their marketing strategy.

This process is a potent psychological tool for marketing your products. Your social media platforms, for instance, can get lots of engagements; you can increase your email subscriptions and even drive in traffic to your website by just introducing reward packages to your business. Learn how to be generous and let it work in your favour.

4. Use The Right Content

Don’t be stereotyped when it comes to your content. You have to be as flexible as possible. And more importantly, you must use high-quality visual content on your website, blog post, social media platforms, or even when running online Ads. You also have to ensure that you’re not boring with lots of text. You have to try and combine images, videos, and infographics.

Let your content be expressive and let it resonate with your audience. Let your content have that wow effect. Let your audience see it and have exciting goosebumps; that way, you can appeal to them.


Many companies make the mistake of declaring themselves heroes before their customers. Yes, that is a mistake. If you want your target audience to be your customers, then you must make them the heroes and not the other way round. Should you be called a hero at all, that should be the call of your customers’ judgment.

Come to think of it, who is a hero? A hero is one who takes action to overcome challenges to win a prize. A hero also meets enemies on the way and helpers alike. But the story is always about the hero and not any other person.

If you’re a business owner, you probably must have heard stories like

“Our company has been industry leaders for many years.”

“We are committed to providing the best service.”

And a lot of other related stories.

You tell these stories with so much confidence. While at it, we turn customers into a minor character instead of the star of the show – The main hero.

Clearly, without them, you won’t have any story to tell in the first place. When they feel like the hero, they’re always happy and in an excellent psychological shape to do business with you.

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